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How to Confirm if You have Successfully Linked Your NIN to MTN, Airtel, 9mobile...

Linking your SIM card to NIN is probably one of the most talked about subject in the country right now. The subject has generated...
How to Use Signal on Your Desktop

How To Use Signal On Desktop And Laptop

Signal is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. The platform recently saw an increase in its number of users, due to the New...

How To Backup WhatsApp Messages On Android & iPhone

Backing up WhatsApp chats become necessary when you need to save some very important messages. When you lose your phone and decided to get...
How To Download Songs From Spotify To Apple Watch

How You Can Download Songs From Spotify To Apple Watch

If you have been looking for a way to download songs from Spotify to your Apple Watch, or wondering if it can be done...

How To Check Your Airtel Number {4 Methods}

Airtel Nigeria is one of the major telecom company in the country, with millions of active users. It offers one of the best internet...
MTN Auto-Top Up

MTN Auto-Top Up: How To Use The Service

MTN Nigeria recently announced the introduction of a new service called MTN Auto Top-Up. It is an Automated Recharging Service, designed to help customers...

How To Activate Glo 22X Plan

Globacom Nigeria has once again launched a new data plan aimed at rewarding customers. Known as the Glo 22X Plan, customers will get amazing...
Satview TV Channels And Price

Satview TV List Of Channels, Frequency, Symbol Rate And Price

Today we will be telling you all about Satview TV, its frequency, symbol rate and the list of channels available on its platform. Currently...
Yayi TV List Of Channels

Yayi TV List Of Channels, Frequency, Symbol Rate & Subscription

If you are a fan of sport or football, then you are going to love Yayi TV. It used to be a free to...
Stream Live TV and Watch Movies Without Data

SuperTV: App That Lets You Watch Movies and Live TV Without Data

We know how expensive the cost of internet data can be in this part of the world. That is why most times, we search...

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