10 Best PutLocker Alternatives To Stream Free Movies 2024

PutLocker Alternative Sites

Ever since, PutLocker was taken down, many lovers of the sites have been looking for a good alternative. The site used to house a lot of movies and TV shows with users accessing them for free. It houses a range of copyrighted content on its website without the owner’s permission, making it a target for a take down. After the take down, the team kept changing the domain name in a bit to keep the website alive.

While you can till find PutLocker with a different domain extension, many are having a hard time keeping up with the change, hence the need for a better alternative. Today, we shall be looking at some of the best sites, that are similar and offer better content you can access. These sites are regarded as a best PutLocker alternative because of the list of movies and TV shows they offer. Most of all, they are offered for free, that is, you have unlimited access to all their contents.

About PutLocker?

Putlocker is a free online file hosting website that offers free access to stream its huge library of Movies and TV shows. The website was launched back in 2011 and grew to receive millions of daily visitors, before it was taken down. According to Alexa, before the take down, the website was ranked among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide.

The website has been reported by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) as a major piracy threat. In May 2016, the website was blocked in the UK by a High Court order. In late 2016, Putlocker was officially taken down. Since the official take down, there have been many similar sites with a similar domain name stringing up. While they cannot be referred and recognize as the official Putlocker website, but at least fifty mirror or proxy websites, many of which use the Putlocker name, have been identified. This is according to Wikipedia, which also stated that a good number of these sites have been suspended or seized.

List of Putlocker Alternatives?

There are tons of Putlocker Alternatives out there on the net, but we have handpicked some of the best. In no particular order, the list were selected based on contents and ease of navigation. See below for the list.

123 Movies:

123 Movies

This is a great alternative for Putlocker and best of all, it is free. It has an easy to use interface and doesn’t have ads flooding the site. 123 Movies offers all its contents free and you don’t need to register.

Mega Share:

Mega Share

This is another great alternative for lovers of Putlocker. The website offers movies and TV series in both HD and SD quality. It has an easy to use interface and its contents are well categorized. This makes it easy to search for contents as they are sorted based on Genre, Country and Years. Another great reason why Mega Share is a great alternative, is that the site doesn’t come with many annoying ads.



One great feature that makes Popcornflix an amazing alternative of Putlocker, is that contents are available in original prints. You get easy access to all the latest movies and shows online from this website. It’s movies and shows are categories, making navigation very easy for the website users.

Yes! Movies:

Yes! Movies

This is yet another great alternative for Putlocker. It comes with an easy to use interface and offers users a huge library of contents to enjoy. Just like the other listed websites, movies and TV shows are categories, making navigations easy for users.

Los Movies:

Los Movies

This is another great name when it comes to looking for the best Putlocker alternative. It has a pretty simple and easy to use interface and also offers streamers a huge library of contents to choose from. The only drawback of this website, is the pop-up ads.



This website also offers contents in different formats. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows on its platform, and also offers and easy to user interface. SolarMovies offers a list of best-suggested shows and movies along with the ones that are trending at that time. It has a huge followership and is regarded as a great alternative of Putlocker.

Watch Online Series:

Watch Online Series

If you love series and TV shows, then Watch Online Series is a great alternative for Putlocker. The platform offers streamers the best and latest trending TV shows and series. They are categories into different genre for easy navigation making the platform very easy to use.

Movies Joy:

Movies Joy

This website has a very visible search bar right on the homepage making searching for a movie and TV shows very easy. It also has a list of trending movies and show also listed below. It is pretty easy to use and navigation is great. It is one of the easiest Putlocker alternative websites.



This is also a great Putlocker alternative that offers free access to all its movies and TV shows. You can access this website without registration or login. Its contents are offered in the best HD-quality.

AZ Movies:

AZ Movies

Another great Putlocker alternative online, is AZ Movies. It is simple to use with a great interface and movies and shows are well categories. Aside the amazing user-interface, the site also has an amazing speed. AZ Movies has a great collection of movies and TV shows on its library.


These are some of the best Putlocker alternative online. The list of alternative is more than these, but we have mentioned some of the best you can try out. Please note that making use of a VPN is very important while accessing these websites. If you have other websites that you think should be on the list, you can share your thoughts via the comment sections below,


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