Microsoft Edge browser is constantly looking for ways to making users enjoy and keep using its product. One of such ways is via regular and improved updates. Why much of its approach hasn’t been well received, this hasn’t stopped the company from making more improvement. Before now, the browser got a grammar editor and a smart web selection tool, now it is adding a free built-in VPN service with the codenamed Edge Secure Network.

The aim of the tool according to the firm, is to safeguard the user’s internet connection. Just like every other VPN services, Edge Secure Network is built to help conceal a user’s location, allowing him or her to access services that would otherwise be illegal in the country where you live or frequently visit.

The service comes with a 1GB of data per month for users. Also, a Microsoft account is needed to access the service. The VPN will be enabled via a new option called “Secure Network.” It will automatically switch off once you’ve finished browsing.

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