AeroInsta APK V22.0.1 Download For Android

AeroInsta APK

AeroInsta APK, which is also known as InstaAero is a modified version of Instagram. The app comes with features that are not found or available in the original version of the Instagram. Designed and developed by Bozkurt Hazar, the mod comes in different installation packages. That is, you get the app in different themes and customization option. It is a great alternative to those who don’t want to use InstaPro APK.

AeroInsta APK offers features such as the ability to hide the posts you like before, download all stories, reels videos, IGTV videos with one click as well as ability to hide view stories. It is regularly updated and new features are added. This mod also offers tons of privacy features, thereby protecting your privacy. The is one of the best Instagram Mods you can find on the internet. Check out some of the best features below.

Features Of AeroInsta APK:

  • Copy the comments or text from any profile.
  • You can even translate the comments.
  • Check updates of InstAero within the app.
  • You can open and Zoom the Profile Picture
  • Different types of themes available
  • You can Add Comment from Home Screen
  • Copy/Share the URL of the Video/Image
  • Customization: You can customize the conversation screen, comment, notification, profile and chant screens.
  • Lock: This is one of the best features in InstaAero you can lock your Instagram.
  • Remove liked posts: Ability to hide the posts you like before.
  • Download everything: The ability to download all stories, reels videos, IGTV videos, in short; download all posts with one click.
  • Privacy: The ability to hide view stories, typing… and reading messages.
  • Follows you: The ability to find out if a user is following you or not follows you by visiting their profile.
  • Disable analytics: The ability to prevent Insta from collecting data about your account.
  • Play with sound: Ability to automatically audio-on start stories and posts without touching the screen.
  • You can block ads.
  • Hide typing status.
  • Long press on the home icon to open settings.

What’s New?

Version 22.0.1:

  • [Fixed] Some bugs

Version 21.0.0:

  • [Base] Updated Instagram base version to
  • [Added] “Enable Notes Feature” Guide Router to Aero Privileges》 General.
  • [Added] “Enable search bar in story viewers” guide router to Aero Privileges》 General.
  • [Added] “Sound indicator icon in stories” option for Aero Privileges 》 Stories.
  • [Added] Some info boxes.
  • [Updated] Some fonts.
  • [Improved] Ad blocking.
  • [Improved] Mark as read feature.
  • [Fixed] Some bugs in AeroInsta.

Where To Download InstaAero APK For Android

InstaAero APK comes in 10 different color options and below are the download links. The app is safe, and weighs just 59.41MB in size.

Default Dark-Light



Extra Dark


Coral Pink


Light Tone

Light Purple

Light Pink

How to Install AeroInsta APK

AeroInsta comes in two packages that consist of the clone and unclone version of the app. For the first package which is tagged unclone, you are required to remove the original Instagram application from your device before you can install this package. The second version which is the clone one, you don’t need to remove the original Instagram application before you can install. The second version of the app allows you to run dual Instagram on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Aero Insta harm my Insta account?

Answer: No. Aero Insta does not harm your Insta account.

  • Does Aero Insta store the data of our accounts?

Answer: No. Aero Insta does not store or share any data about your account and device.

  • Is the Aero Insta app paid?

Answer: No. It has never been a paid app and will never be a paid app.

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