SWatchSeries Best Alternatives To Watch TV Series 2023

SWatchSeries Best Alternatives

SWatchSeries is currently offline and many have been searching for the best alternatives around. If you are a lover of Tv series, then chances are that you must have heard of or come across the popular SWatchSeries website. The sites host some of the best and popular movies and TV shows and users can access these contents for free.

A lot of us love free contents and SWatchSeries offers that to all who can access the site. Sadly, the site which has been offering this content for free since 2016, is down and we are here to share with you some of the best SWatchSeries Alternatives To Watch TV Series. Before we begin, please note that we do not support or promote any website that hosts copyrighted contents. Also, it is important to note that using these websites is at the users’ risk as it may be illegal.

About SWatchSeries?

SWatchSeries is a free web portal that offers users free access to movie and TV series in different languages. The platform houses some of the best TV shows and Series on its server. It has been around since 2016 until it when offline (the domain was shut down by the authorities due to hosting of copyright contents).

SWatchSeries is very easy to use as it comes with a friendly user interface. There are previous and next episode button which helps users quickly jump to another episode. TV shows and series are arranged in such a way that there are easy to find and navigate through.

List of SWatchSeries Best Alternatives


First on our list is ShareTV, which has over 500,000 registered users. The platform is in partnership with some of the big names in the entertainment business. Some of the names the platform is partnering with include Hulu, Fox and many more. It has an easy to use interface with fast servers. Some of the contents offers include, but not limited to Sci-Fi, Comedy, Soaps, Anime, Drama, and many more.


This is another great alternative to SWatchSeries that offers a huge library of free TV Series and movies to users. You get to enjoy thousands of free contents when you register on the site. The platform also, offer premium contents in HD quality as well as in full version. This website has both Apple and Android apps which you may install on your mobile for direct access to this online site.

Fou Movies

Fou Movies is a great option when it comes to searching or choosing an SWatchSeries alternative. The platform offers high-definition video and has an easy to use interface. One drawback of this site, is that it comes with ads. Aside that, the platform is easy to use, is it regularly updated with the latest movies and TV shows.


This platform allows you to stream or watch almost all the movies and TV series on the site for free. The site is very popular and unlike SWatchSeries, you don’t need any third-party streaming service. The platform has a ton of content available on the site and you can access these for free. Another great advantage FlixTor has, is that it is ad free, plus that it comes with fast server. It also offers a VIP membership plan which you can also subscribe to its premium content.


This is another great alternative to SWatchSeries as the platform offers newly released TV series and shows. It loads faster and has a pretty simple and easy to use interface. It comes with video ads, but also delivers top-notch content. While you can access all its contents for free without signing up, you get notifications of newly added TV Shows when you do.


123Movies is another great alternative to SWatchSeries. The platform offers a huge index of high video quality movies and TV shows on its server. It is fast and easy to use and you just need to do a search of the content you need to access. You can stream and download content on the platform all for free. You can check out 123Movies from the link above.


VUMOO is very similar to 123Movies as you need to search for your preferred movie using to search box provided. It is a great alternative to the SWatchSeries and it offers unlimited access to watch your favourite video and Tv shows all for free. The site is fast, easy to use and it is ad free. You can check out the site using the URL above.


These are some of the best list of swatchseries alternatives around and you can check them out. There are many more which we haven’t shared here. You can also drop yours using the comment box below.


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