Instaflow APK v16 For Android

InstaFlow APK Latest Version

Instaflow APK is another great Instagram mod out there on the internet. Developer by Marcos Shiinaide, the app was launched back in September 2021. The app comes with features that are not available on the original version of the app. It is used to increase Instagram followers, likes, and comments. Note that you can increase your followers by also collecting coins.

The app is flexible and allows you to personalize and customize it the way you want, it offers a lot of privacy features and you can do more with it. There are tons of features offered by the app such as such, as the ability to download images and videos on Instagram and also copy everyone’s biography just with a single click.

Features Of InstaFlow

  • Option to autoplay videos in the feed
  • Translation of messages received and sent in DM
  • Option to disable autopass stories
  • Start stories with sound
  • Improving the quality of photos and videos
  • Disable ads
  • Improvement of the delay in opening the application
  • 1 minute stories option
  • Translation of comments
  • Copy of biography
  • Download profile picture
  • tracking option
  • copy caption
  • Preview and download profile picture
  • Create subfolders with username
  • Retangular stories (facebook style)
  • Disable messages in DM
  • Download highlights
  • themes of change
  • Links in the captions and in the comments
  • Facebook login (See main page)

What’s New?

  • [Updated base] Version based on 312.
  • [Added] Option: hide download icon in posts
  • [Added] Option: Facebook style stories
  • [Improved] Option: (Copy comments / Translate comments)
  • [Redesigned] InstaFlow options menu

Download InstaFlow APK

How to Install

If you want to use it as a main account, then uninstall the Instagram app. Download the app from the link above and then install the app.

If you want to use it as a secondary account, then just download the second app from the second link above and install it.

How to Update

If you have Instaflow APK installed on your phone before, then all you need to do is simply download the same package from the link above.



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