YMWhatsApp APK v36.2 Latest Version {YMMods}


Here is one of the best WhatsApp mod right now and its call the YMWhatsApp APK. This is different from other version since it is not molded from exiting mods. Developed by Jesus Muentes, the app is a clone version of WhatsApp for Android that offers lots of features. It has a more advanced privacy and security options than the original WhatsApp messenger.

YMWhatsApp APK is clean and comes with amazing features. We have seen must Mods being developed from existing ones with the FMWhatsApp, FouadWhatsApp GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. This version is developed and based on the original app.

YMWhatsApp APK comes in two packages. The official package (com.whatsapp) and the clone package (com.ymwhatsapp). It is updated constantly and comes with lots of privacy features. The update comes with fixes to bugs as well as bring lots of improvement to the app. Just like the YoWhatsApp {YOWA}, it is also fully Antiban. There are options for Video Splitter, change font style as well as send high quality images. See complete features below.

Main Features:

Anti-Ban: it has a Fully Anti-Ban feature which means you will never get banned from using a WhatsApp mod.

Hide Last Seen: No one in your contact list seen when you last used WhatsApp, but you can see everyone’s last seen as well.

Hide Status Seen: If you want to see someone’s Status but don’t want to let them know, then this option will help you to hide your Status seen.

Send HQ images: One of the biggest issues in original WhatsApp is Low-Quality Images, for that we had to use Document file sharing right? But now in YMWA+ You can send Original Quality images.

Hide Message Seen: if you want to read some messages but would not let them know then use this feature, it will disable showing the double Tick and the blue tick in the other chat.

🚫 See Deleted messages. WhatsApp has an in-build feature called “Delete for Everyone” which means if someone uses that feature against you, The deleted messages never got deleted from your side.

Group Message Counter: See Who is more active in your group, this feature count how many messages are sent by group members.

Custom Privacy Settings: You can set custom privacy of Last Seen, Message Read Seen, etc.

Clean & Optimized UI: YMWhatsApp is Popular because of its Clean Layout and Optimized/Cras Free App.

See Deleted Status: If Someone put a status and deletes it, you can still see that deleted status.

Save Status: Now you don’t have to ask your friend for that Status You liked, Directly Download or Save any Status.

Send Videos up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send videos Up to 16MB but in YMWhatsApp+ You can send Up To 100MB.

Send Audio up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send Audio Files Up to 10MB but in YMWhatsApp+ You can send Up To 100MB.

Airplane Mode: This feature allows you to disconnect WhatsApp from the internet So that you use other things on your phone except for YMWA.

Disable Call Button: If you use WhatsApp for different purposes and get lots of calls then enable this option, it will disable the call function and no one can disturb you.

In-build Junk Cleaner: WhatsApp Takes a huge space in our internal storage, which may be unwanted for you. Now you can clean them easily with the Junk cleaner feature.

More Features:

  • Current Version is Based on WhatsApp – Stable
  • Same as Official WhatsApp.
  • Complete Antiban.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Custom privacy.
  • Status Downloading.
  • Icon 🚫 for deleted messages and status.
  • Toast online, status view, change profile picture.
  • Multilanguage.
  • Share videos up to 100MB!
  • Calls privacy.
  • Change font style.
  • Group message counter.
  • Block WhatsApp with a PIN
  • Send and upload images in their original quality.
  • WhatsApp Junk Cleaner.
  • Airplane Mode.
  • Very fast, fluid and optimized.
  • Compatible from Android 5 to Android 12.
  • And many more options.

What’s New In Version 36.2?

  • New base updated to version – Stable.
  • Now the Anti-View Once option works for audios.
  • Added online contact indicator (Green Dot).
  • Added ghost mode.
  • New beta settings section. You can switch between the standard and new UI among other options.
  • You can now mark messages as read from the chat (More options).
  • You can now create polls and send voice notes in channels.
  • You can now add administrators to channels.
  • New option to see all contact statuses in a list.
  • New option to hide settings+. You can access it by long clicking on the new message button.
  • The option to download photos/videos in view once was moved to 3 points.
  • Improved online toast option, now it works even outside of the chat (You must have the online indicator enabled).
  • Improved privacy settings section.
  • Now when you go back to settings+, it will only restart if you have changed any options.
  • Great optimization of the YM source code.
  • Removed the option to enable the new iOS style context menu due to issues on some devices.
  • Fixed all false positives in antiviruses.
  • Fixed adding/editing contacts.
  • Fixed an issue with custom privacy in right-to-left languages.
  • More fixes and improvements.

Download The Latest Version Of YMWhatsApp (YMMods) For Android

You can download the latest version of the YMWhatsAppsApp (YMMods) app from here, by clicking the download links below.

How to Install

  • Uninstall any version of WhatsApp mod you have before
  • Download the current version of YoWhatsApp from any of the links above
  • Click to install the app when download is done
  • Activate the Install from unknown source option to continue the process
  • Next is to follow the instruction to complete the installation process.


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