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AzamTV is a pay per view TV service that is currently available to users in four East African countries. These countries include Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. Own by Bakhresa Group, the service offers contents in different genre that include entertainments, sports, educational, kids, news, documenteries as well as religious and lifestyle.

Azam TV Packages?

AzamTv comes with different packages and price list design to meet your need. According to the company, they have the Azam Lite, Azam Plus, Azam Play and Azam Pure packages. Each of these pacakages is designed to meet yours and your family needs.

Azam Packages

Azam Lite:

The Azam Lite package appears to be the cheapest and affordable among the packages offered by the company. It comes with over 80+ channels and and some of the top channels available are the Nat Geo Wild, Africa News, AMC series, France 24, MBC 3, Al Jazera English and more.

Note: Malawi doesn’t have this package.

Azam Pure:

This is a bit costly then the Azam Lite package and comes with more channel list. The package has channels like the Nat Geo Wild, Africa News, Channel 44, AMC Series, Al Jazera English and more.

Note: For Malawi, Azam Pure comes 90 channels.

Azam Plus:

Azam Plus offers more contents than the Azam Pure for a little more. The package comes with over 95+ channels and some of the known channels include, Nat Geo Wild, Africa News, K24, MBC 2, MBC 3, MBC Action, Sony Max and more.

Note: For Malawi, Azam Plus comes 115 channels.

Azam Play:

The Azam Play package is a more friendly package with over 130+ channels. It comes with some of the best and best channels available and offered by the service. Some of these channels include Boomerang, Cartoon Network, BET, AMC Series, ESPN 2, Boomberg, National geographic and more.

Package Prices?


  • Azam Lite cost TZS 8,000 per month
  • Azam Pure cost TZS 13,000 per month
  • Azam Plus cost TZS 20,000 per month
  • Azam Play cost TZS 35,000 per month


  • Azam Lite cost KES 300 per month
  • Azam Pure cost KES 600 per month
  • Azam Plus cost KES 750 per month
  • Azam Play cost KES 1400 per month


  • Azam Pure cost MWK 2,500 per month
  • Azam Plus cost MWK 5,500 per month
  • Azam Play cost MWK 8,000 per month


  • Azam Lite cost UGX 10000 per month
  • Azam Pure cost UGX 23,000 per month
  • Azam Plus cost UGX 30,000 per month
  • Azam Play cost UGX 45,000 per month

Azam TV Complete Channel List

News Channels

  • UTV
  • BBC World News
  • Al Jazeera
  • Fox News
  • France 24 English
  • Africa News
  • NHK World
  • Bloomberg
  • CNN

Movies / Entertainments Channels

  • Azam One
  • Azam Two
  • MBC Plus Power
  • MBC Action
  • MBC 4
  • Fox Life
  • AMC Series
  • Nina TV
  • Romanza Africa
  • FOX
  • MTV Base
  • Box Africa
  • BET
  • Trace Mziki
  • History
  • Sony Max UK
  • Sony Channel UK
  • StarPlus
  • Star Bharat
  • Colors
  • Sony Sab
  • Sony Asia
  • Rishtey Asia
  • Dizzim TV
  • Zodiak TV
  • MCS International
  • Zing
  • MTV India
  • Sinema Zetu
  • MBC 2
  • MBC Max
  • African Movie Channel
  • UTV Movies International
  • Kix Movies
  • Star Gold International
  • Spark TV
  • Sony Max
  • Fox Entertainment
  • UTV Movies.

Sport Channels

  • Azam Sports HD
  • Azam Sports 2
  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • Liverpool TV
  • Fight Sports

Kiddies Channels

  • Nickelodeon
  • Boing
  • Fix Foxi
  • Baby TV
  • MBC 3
  • Toonami
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang

Documentary Channels

  • National Geographic Channel
  • NatGeo Wild
  • Discovery Science
  • Investigation
  • Discovery
  • Real Time
  • Travelxp
  • History

Local Channels

  • KBC
  • Citizen
  • NTV Kenya
  • K24
  • KTN
  • KTN News
  • Kass TV
  • Inooro TV
  • Switch TV
  • Kameme TV
  • UBC
  • NBS
  • Bukedde TV 1
  • Bukedde TV 2
  • BBS
  • Urban TV
  • TV West
  • Channel 44
  • Top TV
  • Rwanda TV
  • Channel 10
  • Clouds TV
  • Times TV
  • Mibawa
  • TBC 1
  • Tanzania Safari
  • EATV
  • Capital TV
  • Star TV
  • ZBC
  • ZBC 2
  • TV-E
  • ITV
  • Wasafi TV
  • Upendo TV
  • Salt TV
  • WBS


These are the channel list and package price offered by Azam TV for all they bouquet. You can contact them via they official website at

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