ARK Injector APK V1.71 Latest Version Download For Android

ARK Injector

If you are here, then chances are that you must have heard or you are a fan of Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. This is a very popular action game that has over a 100 million plus download on Google Play Store alone. While the game may be fun to enjoy, it requires you to pay for you to get all the gadget to stay level with the best. The reason is because, the game gets harder as you go up the level

This is kind of a challenge for those low on budget. Because of this, many developers have come out with apps that can help you get these tools without paying for it and they are called Injector. One of such tools, is called the ARK Injector. It is a free tool developed by the Ark team to help you well-equipped fighter, without paying for it. It is free to use by anyone and it is available for download here.

Features of ARK Injector

Unlocked Skins: You get access to a lot of skins and they are designed to help customize all your favorite avatars in the game. The tool allows you to unlock over 400 MLBB Skins. See below;

  • Fighter; 81 Skins
  • Assassin; 64 Skins
  • Marksman; 71 Skin
  • Support; 32 Skin
  • Tank; 59 Skin
  • Mage; 76 Skin

Unlocked Recalls: The tool provides you with all the 43 Recall Effects for free.

Unlock Drone View: Ark Injector also helps you unlock all the drone cameras that allow you to see the battlefield better.

Other features

  • It is a modifying tool specifically for the latest MLBB version.
  • Compatible with Android 11.
  • It offers a secure & a safe pathway to hack the game.
  • Freely inject Premium ML items into the game.
  • No registration/subscription process to use.
  • It is Anti-ban, anti-detect mod with a simple UI.

Download ARK Injector Version 1.71 APK For Android

You can download the latest version of the ARK Injector APK, by clicking the download links below.


The ARK Injector APK tool offers one of the best hacks to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang and all these are done for free. Also, note that it may contain ads since it is the only way for the developers of the tool to make some cool cash.


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